Dolphin official watersupplier ITU Grand Final Rotterdam

13 September, 2017

Dolphin official watersupplier ITU Grand Final Rotterdam

Dolphin is official water partner at the ITU triathlon finals in Rotterdam coming weekend. The Dutch bottler provides all athletes and spectators in Rotterdam with water from their own source.

The Dutch company Dolphin is one of the largest waterbottlers in Europe and is bottling spring water since 1997. It produces private label waterbottles and gained publicity with introducing the DRINQ Smartack in 2007. With this innovative film, specially designed to contain water, caps and labels are history. During the ITU Grand Finals, all athletes and spectators can enjoy the best water of Dolphin.


“ Hydration is an important part in delivering a peak performance,” says Managing Director Peter Hogervorst, an amateur triathlete . “At Dolphin, producing the purest water is our mission. Athletes work with the best  gear and train with the newest training methods. In addition to the athletes pursue for using the best-of-the-best in resources, balanced and high-quality nutrition is very important. We at Dolphin are very happy to support the athletes at the ITU Grand Finals in their hunt for top achievements.”


As ITU Grand Finals Official Water Supplier Dolphin serves all of the water requirement of the event. With special private label bottles and DRINQ Smartpacks both the athletes and the spectators in Rotterdam will be provided with Dolphin-water.


DRINK Smartpack
The DRINQ Smartpack is the perfect water packaging for  hydration during sports. The unique vacuum non-spil seal does not leak, not even when it’s open. The Smartpack contains 250ml water and is consists of only a very thin foil. Without caps, labels and other packaging materials, the DRINQ Smartpack is  more environmental friendly  than traditional water bottles.


With their love for sports, Dolphin is supporting teams and individual athletes in their road to potential. Dolphin is partner of the Dutch triathlon squad SQUADRA from Eindhoven. Together Dolphin and SQUADRA have the dream to perform on the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Furthermore, both Dolphin and SQUADRA help young talents and pro’s as well as business teams to get the best possible guidance.