16 September, 2017


Dear Age Groupers,


We have noticed everyone is really excited about tomorrow.

Some of you had some questions so we have a few last tips for the race tomorrow.

Regarding on the question what clothing is allowed to wear, please view the athlete briefing.


Boat departures:

There is a boat shuttle going from Westerkade to Rijnhaven. See timetable and map below.

In the morning the shuttle will be for Age Group Olympic athletes only. During the day it is open for spectators when available. Be aware the some waiting lines can appear, athletes and other accredited people will have priority.



Please keep your wristband on. In case the wristband is pulled to tight, you’ll need to show your startnumber and body decal to get accreditated.


Bike mechanic:

There will be a bike mechanic present in T1 from 6:00 – 14:00. Extra pumps are available.


Swim- and finish bags:

Please use the provided swim- and finish bags! Own bags wil NOT be transported by the LOC.


Body decal:

Please make sure you put on the BLACK body decal on your arm and the ORANGE decal on your wetsuit.


We wish you the best of luck. Give it your all and don’t forget to smile and enjoy the race!

Age Group water transport

Age Group check in