Team NL sponsors embrace Triathlon World Championships

31 July, 2017

Team NL sponsors embrace Triathlon World Championships

July 31 - From 14th to 17th September, the Grand Final of the ITU World Triathlon Series takes place in Rotterdam. Today, Team NL have announced that it is financially supporting this Grand Final. Team NL partners Nederlandse Lotterij, Heineken and Rabobank will make the Grand Final a top event to stimulate their brand activation.


Rotterdam welcomes thousands of triathletes from all over the world. In the city centre, the world title is being fought for through swimming, cycling and running as fast as possible. The elites are completing the triathlon at Olympic distance, swimming for 1500 meters, biking 40 kilometres and running 10 kilometres. The event in Rotterdam is the ninth and final contest on the World Triathlon Series (WTS) calendar in 2017. Here there are double points to be earned and the new world champions will be crowned.

In addition to the Grand Final at the Olympic distance, the World Championships is also organized in the centre of the city for the age-groupers. They compete in their age groups for the world title. In addition, the Para triathletes, under-23 and juniors will also be fighting for the World Title. The ITU World Triathlon Grand Final is being held for the 29th time this year. It is the first time the world championship is organized in the Netherlands.


Special cooperation

To enable the event and to support Team NL athletes in this 'home match', Team NL partners have decided to support the Grand Final. The Nederlandse Lotterij, Heineken and Rabobank jointly, under the name of Team NL, act as the main sponsor of the event. They are going to use the event to show the public their partnership that they have with Team NL.  They will be visiting the Grand Final with their guests and partners and activate their sponsorship around this sporting event.


Triathlete Jetze Plat is a Paralympic champion and reigning European and world champion. He says, "Get the best out of yourself, have fun in what you do, see the whole world. All beautiful and important things for an athlete. But in the end it's all about winning matches. Preferably, win the matches where the best athletes start. Of course I want to prolong my title in my own house. A great race in our country is great, and I hope, like last year, when I got my first world title, I will get a lot of support from the public. The fact that Team NL supports our Grand Final now financially, feels more encouraging to me. I will do everything to get over that finish line first! "


Highlight for the sport

Rob Barel is the tournament director of the Grand Final. The old world champion expects more people than ever to be appealed in Rotterdam by the triathlon. "The Grand Final will be an absolute highlight for the triathlon in the Netherlands. Such a big event near home, with the participation of the Olympic champions of Rio, makes more people curious about the sport. Especially, when the matches are beautifully displayed and the images of the triathlon in the centre of Rotterdam will be televised all over the world. The fact that Team NL now embraces the Grand Final is a great acknowledgment for the event and therefore also for the sport itself. "