Van Egdom delights home crowd in Rotterdam

23 July, 2016

Van Egdom delights home crowd in Rotterdam

The ETU European Sprint Cup victory of Jorik van Egdom Saturday, was a great finish of the opening day of the ITU Triathlon Championship in Rotterdam. Other Dutch athletes also performed well. Marco van der Stel finished at the 6th place and Menno Koolhaas secured the 8th position. During the day ten thousand visitors enjoyed the event along side the course. 


Men's race

It was the first time in twelve years that a Dutch athlete won an ETU Cup men’s race. The Dutch team dominated the race right from the start. Marco van der Stel was the fastest swimmer and together with Cesc Godoy and Matthew Roberts, he secured a firm lead after the first transition. When the Belgium Peter Denteneer, the Brit Jimmy Kershaw and the Brazilian Danilo Pimentel, together with the Dutch Van Egdom, Menno Koolhaas, Marco Adreshoek and Donald Hillebregt closed the gap during the cycling, the better runners in the group knew it was time to start saving their legs.

The decision in the race came when Van der Stel, Van Egdom and Kershaw got away during the running. Van Egdom, who by far was the strongest runner of the three athletes, at that time knew he couldn’t lose. Kershaw took the second spot and third place was for Godoy. Van der Stel and Koolhaas completed the Dutch succes with top eight positions.

Women's race

During the women’s race, the Belgium athlete Clair Michel captured her first international victory after a deciding move in her last round of running, that took her from the third to the first place. The Belgium athlete defeated the favourite from the United States, Kirsten Casper, and the Australian athlete Sophie Malowiecki. Dutch junior Kirsten Nuyes finished 8th. The victory in the women’s European Sprint Cup went to the Belgium athlete Claire Michel after an outstanding performance.


Results ETU Sprint Cup men

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